lun, 20 jul | ZOOMUSE with Solihin Tom

Zoomuse with Solihin Tom (Friday Poet Reading Conferences)

Joint the Friday Poetry reading hosted by Emmanuel Williams. Our guest next Friday will be Solihin Tom
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Zoomuse with Solihin Tom  (Friday Poet Reading Conferences)

Time & Date

20 jul 2020 19:00 CEST
ZOOMUSE with Solihin Tom

About the event

Enjoy poetry in its finest, and listen to your brothers and sisters reading their poems. Upcoming Fridays join poetry readings from Subud members all over the world. 

Every week another poet will read his poems live on Zoom and each will share their work for around 20 minutes. 

This week, the poet reading will be 

Solihin Tom

Monday July 20th, 6 pm 

UK Time

About the author 

Solihin is semi retired living in Turkey, with Alicia. They live on the lovely turquoise coast of the eastern Mediterranean, in a little Seaside town called Kalkan. He was an osteopath and acupuncturist and evolved and developed an ontological approach to medicine; health and well being; he still teaches (over zoom)and occasionally sees clients.  His approach has its roots deep in the years as a peripatetic mover within and on the fringes of Subud. He has been a member since ‘73. He occasionally writes poetry-is it really poetry he writes-when an inner feeling prompts him; so recently, not much inner prompting! They have four grown up children,  three of whom have partners, and four adorable granddaughters. Life is good even when times are a’ changing!

Do you want to take part? 

Please register and you will then receive the invitation link for the live Zoom Call.

Find your local time here: 

Los Angeles - Monday, July 20th - 10 am

Sydney / Australia - Thuesday, July 21th - 3 am

Jakarta - Tuesday, July 21th - 0:00

Paris - Monday, July 20th - 7 pm

London - Monday, July 20th - 6 pm

New-Delhi/India - Monday, July 20th - 22:30 am

Bogota: - Monday July 20th - 12 (noon)

For further timezones, please check your local time on timeanddate!

All scheduled poet readings:

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Renata Reid – USA – April 24th. 

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Harris Smart – Australia – June 12th. 

Marius Grose – UK – June 19th

Adrienne Thomas – UK – June 26th

Stefan Freedman – UK – July 3rd

Lauren Woodward Stanley – USA – July 10th

Solihin Thom – Morocco – July 20th

Maia Spall – UK – July 24th

Mardijah Simpson –  England – July 31th

Hadrian Pollard – USA – August 7th

Rosanna Schutte – USA – August 14th

Sofiah Sexton – USA – August 21th

Lydia Riantee Rand – USA – August 28th

Ahmad Miles – Canada – September 4th

Adelia Mac William – Canada – September 11th

Susilawati Bryant – Canada – September 18th                                                                                                                                               

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