vie, 24 jul | ZOOMUSE with Maia Spall

Zoomuse with Maia Spall

Joint the Friday Poetry reading hosted by Emmanuel Williams. Our guest next Friday will be Maia Spall
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Zoomuse with Maia Spall

Time & Date

24 jul 2020 20:00 CEST
ZOOMUSE with Maia Spall

About the event

Enjoy poetry in its finest, and listen to your brothers and sisters reading their poems. Upcoming Fridays join poetry readings from Subud members all over the world. Emmanuel Williams, Renata Reid, Colin Oliver, Daphne Alexopoulou, Rasunah Marsden, Paul Nelson, Miranda Hampton, Reynold Weissinger, Harris Smart, Marius Grose, and many more will give you a Poetry special in a new way. 

Every week another poet will read his poems live on Zoom and each will share their work for around 20 minutes. 

This week, the poet reading will be Maia Spall 

About Maia

Maia was born in The UK when the second world war ended. She met my husband through poetry when she was still at school, went to art school and had 4 sons. Her husband and her separated shortly after our silver wedding anniversary. He died 2011 and still remains for her as a much missed and very much-loved spiritual partner, never to be forgotten.

In terms of her professional background, after her fine art degree she did a post-graduate degree in art therapy which led her into working in an adult mental health team in SE London and in primary care work as a counsellor in GP surgeries.

„Throughout these years I managed to continue with life drawing, painting and poetry. Painting is still my lifeline and poetry remains my absorbing back-up.“ - Maia

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