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Zoomuse with Hadrian Pollard

Joint the Friday Poetry reading hosted by Emmanuel Williams. Our guest next Friday will be Hadrian Pollard
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Zoomuse with Hadrian Pollard

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07 ago 2020 11:00
ZOOMUSE with Hadrian Pollard

About the event

Enjoy poetry in its finest, and listen to your brothers and sisters reading their poems. Upcoming Fridays join poetry readings from Subud members all over the world. . 

Every week another poet will read his poems live on Zoom and each will share their work for around 20 minutes. 

Friday,  7 August - 11 am LA time, the Poet will be Hadrian Pollard

About Hadrian

Hadrian Pollard is an educator and creative human who lives in North Carolina, USA. He has spent the last decade in the world of education. He taught at the elementary level and is currently working on his PhD in teacher education and development. The creative side of teaching drew him into the profession, and it is that creative thread which has bound together the various pursuits of his life. Ever since he can remember, Hadrian has felt the need to express himself through the arts. Be it music, dance, visual art, theater, film, or writing; the compulsion could not be ignored.

Recently, he has been writing novels. He finished his first book, the Water Dancer, this past year. The book served as an important teacher for him in terms of both the craft of writing and of life itself. It is a flawed first attempt, but the lessons he's gained from the process of writing it continue to reveal themselves.

The book contains an invented world and religion centered around a dual deity called the Mother or the Matron. For his reading, he will share some of the scripture he created for this book. The example below describes the center of the world of Medlimar, which no human alive has seen:

Many concern themselves with the center.

Scholars try to breathe its words,

While artists try to paint its colors.

If it is a place none shall ever see,

Then it is a sound unheard,

A color unknown.

I sit beside the Black River,

And watch the hornbeams grow slender and curved along the banks.

I watch the lantern flies illuminate the forest around me,

I hear the call of the red wolf greeting the night.

The world sings me a tune I know.

I listen to this sound,

This is my One Truth,

It is my center.

Let the center unknown remain as such,

For the unknown saves our mystery, humility, and marvel.

-the Poet Vin, Crossing the Black River at Dusk

Hadrian is hard at work on two other books, both for younger audiences.

If you are so interested, the Water Dancer can be purchased on Amazon using the link below.

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