vie, 11 sept | ZOOMUSE with Adelia Mac William

Zoomuse with Adelia Mac William

Joint the Friday Poetry reading hosted by Emmanuel Williams. Our guest Friday, September 11th, at 11 am Los Angeles time, will be Adelia Mac William
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Zoomuse with Adelia Mac William

Time & Date

11 sept 2020 11:00
ZOOMUSE with Adelia Mac William

About the event

Enjoy poetry in its finest, and listen to your brothers and sisters reading their poems. Upcoming Fridays join poetry readings from Subud members all over the world. . 

Every week another poet will read his poems live on Zoom and each will share their work for around 20 minutes. 

Friday,  11 September, 11 am (Los Angeles time), the Poet will be Adelia Mac William

About Adelia

Adelia (Nicola) MacWilliam is an emerging writer who recently completed her MFA in poetry at the University of Victoria. She wrote about a piece of land on Salt Spring Island that her family had “occupied” since 1905 and learned that if you cast the mythic imagination across a piece of land that has always been part of your life, everything will out. She is co-founder of Cascadia Poetics Lab,, which produces annual poetry events in Cumberland, and the monthly Red Tree reading series. She has poems published in Reckoning 3 and the forthcoming anthology, Sweet Water: Poems for the Watershed. She divides her time between Cumberland and Desolation Sound in British Columbia, Canada.

Teaser Poem

"Lost Lake" was published in an anthology called Sweet Water: Poems for the Watersheds, edited by Yvonne Blomer, Caitlin Press, 2020

I can edit this story about the poem from the anthology if you want to include it. Paul Nelson and the Seattle Subud House are in it, so it might be interesting for Seattle folks.

Adelia MacWilliam on Lost Lake”: "Lost Lake was inspired by conversations I had with Gary Snyder’s literary executor Mark Gonnerman in the Lost Lake Café in Seattle while we were attending a poetics retreat held by Paul Nelson. Mark and I were both staying in the Subud House on Capitol Hill and would go there for coffee in the morning. Mark, who wrote a book about Gary Snyder’s Mountain and Rivers Without End, founded the Aurora Forum at Stanford, which featured guest speak- ers, including the Dalai Lama, with whom he had the incident at the airport!!! Lao Tzu is in the poem, because Snyder’s landscape poetry, as David Hinton writes, is “indistinguishable from the Tao,” where is no duality between the “Wild” and the civilized. The café served as a remarkable backdrop for these conversations. I wrote it as a lake experiencing a fracturing of identity, a kind of psychogenic fugue, which speaks to the erasure/alteration of bodies of water by urbanization. However, I also wanted to include my experience of “no duality” with several worlds overlapping. After all, I was in the café with Mark having conversations about Snyder, who Hinton considers to be the third great eco-poet following Jeffers and Rexroth."

Lost Lake

For M.G.

Well, it’s a retro Bar and Grill now in Seattle,

where the light is a woman ducking into a doorway

between the calligraphy of cars on Capitol Hill, as seen from

above by a hawk, not far from the Elliot Bay bookstore.

Yes, it’s a Bar and Grill open twenty-four seven now,

where steelhead trout ghost by damply unseen

behind the whiskey and gin, and the cougar

on the shelf above the window has a plastic grin.

Please wait to be seated in Lost Lake,

where all the wildernesses meet. You can look for Yoko Ono’s

tiny yes on the ceiling just visible through a magnifying glass.

Lao Tzu will be there wearing a baseball cap,

also saying yes, while Gary Snyder’s Mountains and Rivers Without End opens its pages

in a booth in the back, unanswered koans near the ketchup,

and the girls at the next table joke about last night’s escapades

on the “D” train.

We’ll meet in the back booth and you’ll tell me the story

of your first meeting with the Dalai Lama,

how your mala broke, beads peppering the airport floor.

His Holiness helped you pick them up

and when you asked him what this meant,

he told you, “Scattered blessings.”

- Adelia Mac William

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