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Zoommuse - Friday Poetry readings

Watch our Subud poetry readings on Friday. Every week there will be a different Subud poet reading its poem. Starting by Emmanuel Williams on April 15th.
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Zoommuse - Friday Poetry readings

Time & Date

17 abr 2020 19:00

About the event



We intend to use Zoom to feature Subud poets reading their poetry. There are lots of us, and judging from the poetry in the ”We Humans” anthology printed a couple of years ago, many of us have grown to be pretty good poets.

The plan is to feature a different poet every week. Each poet will have 20 minutes or so – time for a brief introduction and time to read poems that display their range of theme and form, if they so choose. And they can list what books they published and where these books can be purchased, and any other relevant info- websites, podcasts, YouTube postings etc. 

Poetry started as an oral expression, of course, and there’s a certain aptness in the fact that electronic media can be used in this way. 

Each week will feature a different poet. Readings will take place on Fridays at 10.00 am,( 19 British Time) and will be posted on YouTube for those for whom this time is inconvenient. So far we have 10 poets signed up, but we’re hoping that the list will grow. I’ll start the ball rolling on Friday April 17th .

Emmanuel Williams

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