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Joint Art Exhibition in Frankfurt

Mardiningsih (a Subud sister from Germany) will have a joint art exhibition on Friday in Frankfurt.
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Joint Art Exhibition in Frankfurt

Time & Date

19 jun. 2020 14:30 – 08 jul. 2020 18:30
Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany

About the event

Mardiningsih (a Subud sister from Germany) will have a joint art exhibition on Friday in Frankfurt.

We will publish an interview about the exibition soon. Here is what she writes:

"My most recent visit to Kalimantan was in October 2018. Just one week.

It was short but intensive, and as I later ruminated about it, I discovered a deeper impression than that what exited my sights and senses. To tell the truth, a previous, much longer stay in Rungan Sari, in 2001, had preceeded my experience which encompassed the outer and the inner findings of myself.

This visit was quite a crash course. Daily life in the sweltering heat, socializing with members of my family and with other friends and acquaintances in and out of the Rungan Sari area. Visiting various projects and possibilities. Witnessing the work, dedication and discipline necessary to build up what one has received to be the right thing to do for him/herself. The courage, to undertake and endure hardships, facing and solving problems. The consistency, of what is aimed for. Taking in all the beauty that nature provides, enjoying the bliss of gratitude. In all, it was an understanding of life, that what the earth gives forth, is for us human beings for the taking, if only we work on it, as we fellow Subud members strive to be, true human beings with the attributes of Susila, Budhi and Dharma. In accordance with the guidance of the power of God Almighty.

Back home in Frankfurt, still full of impressions of Kalimantan, I felt I had to channel this feeling of love and beauty, which I strongly believe to be an overdose of the vegetable forces. Ha! So I started this painting, of dense foliage, the bird, and …. of water. Only two weeks ago, wondering why I love painting water so much, I realized that water is one of the fourth elements of creation…..

This painting of the Rainforest, is my start into my journey of what to work on, with my capacities, inner and outwardly."

Painting: Rainforest I 

90 x 130 x 2 cm 

Oil on canvas,


original painting 2019

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